Greatest Ever West Wing Episodes : Part 1

I’ve done a big piece looking at the best ever West Wing episodes for Den of Geek:

Across 8 years, 7 seasons and 154 episodes, The West Wing proved to be one of the finest American drama series ever to hit the small screen. It delivered moments of incredible drama and filled compelling story lines with a smart and funny script which was often capable of delivering genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

The likes of The Wire and The Sopranos are fantastic, but for me it’s The West Wing I find myself going back to again and again. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone back from the start and worked my way through, and it’s testament to the show’s longevity that even now I still get caught up in the tense moments and catch little quips I had previously missed. There’s also something comforting about spending time in The West Wing‘s alternate universe, a place populated by incredibly clever, witty people in positions of great power.

You can read the full first part which takes in Seasons 1 and 2 here:

 Den of Geek: Greatest West Wing Episodes Part 1

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