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  1. I think the whole comparison idea is getting out of control; “Lockout” does not resemble “Die Hard” in space to me at all. From everything, I’ve read it seems to be an attempt at a humorous action flick, which is awesome. Guy Pearce is a fantastic character actor, so I know his part of it should be amazing. I travel on business for Dish regularly so I usually end up waiting for the DVD release, rather than try to make it to theaters. I’ve started using Blockbuster @Home quite a bit since I can take off on another trip with a fully loaded Blu-ray at my disposal; I love special features! I leave this Monday and “Lockout” is already on it’s way, so I can’t wait to see this movie for myself.

    • Rob Keeling says:

      Hi Sadie, Yeah, I know it’s a bit cliche to use the old ‘Die-Hard’ comparison, I hold my hands up to that. It is quite similar though in that a wise-ass cop/operative who bucks the system finds himself the lone man standing in the way of a group of terrorists who have taken over a building of some kind. It’s not an exact comparison, but it’s definitely borrowing heavily from Die Hard and wears it’s influence on its sleeve.
      Anyway, I reckon you’ll enjoy it if you like action movies, and Guy Pearce is really good in it!

  2. Awesome; thank you for responding to me, especially about this film. I have been a fan of Pearce’s since before he was well known in the US. Discussing movies is a fun hobby for me, and helps when I’m not around friends and family due to my work travel. My minor is in musical theater, but writing and performing has become a hobby as well; I’m afraid. One trilogy I’m hoping not to miss in theaters if at all possible is “the Hobbit”. Will you be reviewing those movies as well?

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