Game Of Thrones : 8 ideas for spinoffs

I got a bit carried away writing about possible ideas for Game Of Thrones spinoffs and it became this fairly epic article for Den of Geek. It really is one for Thrones diehards only if I’m honest:

The big question is, once the battle for the Iron Throne is done and we’ve seen whether Daenerys ever makes it to Westeros, whether the Starks will have their vengeance and whether Tyrion ever runs out of eunuch gags, where do we go next?

Luckily for us all, the A Song Of Ice And Fire novels, as well as their extended universe which was fleshed out so intricately by The World Of Ice And Fire ‘Untold History’ book, has provided plenty of source material to work with. Here are just a few possible directions for prequel spin-offs…

Read the full article here: Game Of Thrones – 8 ideas for prequel spinoffs


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