Looking back at Oliver Stone’s JFK

Earlier this year I wrote an in-depth piece looking at Oliver Stone’s JFK for the good people at Den of Geek. I’m a huge fan of Stone’s movie and this was something of a passion project for me, so check the article out if you get chance:

Oliver Stone’s epic conspiracy-thriller JFK, surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the case brought about by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in relation to his murder, was released in 1991 to an astonishing level of critical backlash. Even before JFK arrived in theatres it was being pilloried and attacked by many in the media. The attacks were kick-started by Washington Post correspondent George Lardner, an investigative reporter who wrote a piece called On the Set: Dallas In Wonderland; How Oliver Stone’s Version Of The Kennedy Assassination Exploits The Edge Of Paranoia, which was actually based solely on a leaked copy of Stone’s first draft of the script.

Read the full article here: Looking back at Oliver Stone’s JFK.


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